Wild Republic Cuddlekins Jumbo Wolf 76cm (Unboxing)

Wild Republic Cuddlekins Jumbo Wolf 76cm (Unboxing)

I bought this wild republic cuddlekins jumbo wolf plush on eBay 2 months ago.
I’ve been waiting for years to get that plush. This is one of the most popular plush from wild republic. My fursona is a wolf. The wolf is also one of the most popular species in the furry fandom. I want to have a cuddle with my wolf plushie for wolf love as part of my furry representation. This wolf plushie is my second wild republic plush after my lovely tiger on Christmas 2017. I name it Akira.


The fur made the mess on the white blanket when I opened it. I should have read the instruction​ LOL.

This was taken almost 2 months ago. It takes that long because I was busy with other stuff including uploading photos on PlushLoverAU DeviantArt​ page and I having a lot of family problems.

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Alternative​ wolf unboxing video with faceted​ captions



13 Responses

  1. xOpialx says:

    I have the same 1

  2. I miss Ollie 🙁 my mom made me sell him cause we couldn’t wash him and she thought we had a flea problem but we found out we didn’t after we sold everything :((( I might get another one maybe


  4. IanTunes3 says:

    I named my wolf PJ after my brother Pateon Jones

  5. DoggoLol YT says:

    I just ordered one

  6. Trinity Wood says:

    I have this same wolf! I got it from Tulsa zoo gift shop from my fiance. It was our first date. Dang thing costed $60 but I love it

  7. Hey, do you do video requests?

  8. Awesome! I just got mine today!

  9. RITU GOEL says:

    Can u pls give one to me ??

  10. Awww so cute. I’m friends with two wolves, one small one named Gray and a medium sized one name Winslow. And my saber tooth dad and my mammoth friend as big as your wolf. Great video. 👍👍👍

  11. I ve gotten into collecting plushies again and I gotta say dogs and wolves are my fave!
    I m thinking of getting this one 🙂
    I read a few reviews on amazon saying he sheds a lot, is that just when u first brush him a few times? or the shedding continues?
    Either way, he looks beautiful, I would use him as a cuddle pillow 🙂
    Great vid!

  12. I love the background music, also, great unboxing. I'm happy for you~! 😀

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