Wildcat Plush Collection 2014

These are all my wildcat plush.
TY beanie boos
Fiesta/ Wild Republic
FAO Schwarz


One thought on “Wildcat Plush Collection 2014

  1. I love your wildcat collection vesper. They are soo beautiful. That giant cheetah is amazing. At least allplush screws up in your favor.There is also actually a SOS Clouded Leopard too. I just bought one.

  2. Very great collection my friend!! 😀
    I didn't know you had soo many wild cat plushies!! :33
    That is soo funny that they sent the big cheetah to you for 40 dollars!! Great luck on that!! 🙂 Soo funny that he has a Meerkat tag too!! XD Also love his name too!! 🙂

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