Wildcat Plush Collection 2014

Wildcat Plush Collection 2014

These are all my wildcat plush.
TY beanie boos
Fiesta/ Wild Republic
FAO Schwarz


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  1. Amanda Terry says:

    I believe the cheetah plush toy is from the Cincinnati Zoo gift shop

  2. Could you do a Leosco full collection video? I really love the plushies, they're so beautiful! I only have one, 8" Snow Leopard, but I plan to get more. Leosco and Douglas are my favorite brands xD

  3. SHE WOLF says:

    oh yea where did u get sos and unitoys want to get some plushies for them. Please let me know.

  4. SHE WOLF says:

    where did u get diego and Shira? hope I spelled her name right lolXD

  5. Where did you buy the ocelots with scarf? i would love to know πŸ˜€

  6. quitaulla 1 says:

    Love your beautiful collection!

  7. Aura Wolf says:

    Those fao lions are cute. I actually like the older fao lion better. I think the face is cuter on him for some reason.

  8. Where do you keep them all, you have so much its amazing

  9. "I don't really collect Disney that much" Really? Looks like a lot to me xD

  10. OMG! is the rottwiler for sale?! I love rottwilers!

  11. Aura Wolf says:

    I love your wildcat collection vesper. They are soo beautiful. That giant cheetah is amazing. At least allplush screws up in your favor.There is also actually a SOS Clouded Leopard too. I just bought one.

  12. Calista says:

    Are you able to send me the link to were you got that Lynx with the Harness please?

  13. Hey, thanks for the great video. I'm researching different wildcat plushies to decide which to get for my GF and this video was an IMMENSE help!

  14. faved this video and liked πŸ™‚ so jealous haha!Β 

  15. Kassidy West says:

    Are you thinking of selling any of these

  16. I want that huge wolf with the bandana!! Please!! 😭

  17. Very great collection my friend!! πŸ˜€
    I didn't know you had soo many wild cat plushies!! :33
    That is soo funny that they sent the big cheetah to you for 40 dollars!! Great luck on that!! πŸ™‚ Soo funny that he has a Meerkat tag too!! XD Also love his name too!! πŸ™‚

  18. JordanLynn says:

    pt 2 is uploaded and pt 1 should be up soon
    The video is called stuff I have for trade

  19. I like the Kovus. He is my favorite.
    One of your tigers look like my female Sasha.
    I never saw a plush lynx with a harness on it. Did you put the harness on?
    Tha white lion looks sooo pretty I don't use to collect white cats. I don't have room for them.Β Β  πŸ™‚

  20. Cute stuffed animals, how do you remember all the names?

  21. Hey I went back to walmart today and I made a video of the piggy banks for a better idea of where they are at xD

  22. OMG!! I loved the video friend ^^ <3<3
    I just love your wild cat plush <3
    They are super cute ^^
    and you have sooo many, wish I had so many ^^
    I LOVE wild cats/feline plush <3
    Awesome collection friend ^w^ <3

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