One thought on “Wine, Mars and a Billion

  1. The preview pic for this video is great!

    That billion thing, didn't realise it was different. Have we just been Americanised? The brutes. I never argue anyway thanks to my lack of pulling facts out of my head. I need to have Wikipedia open in front of me before I can even argue so much as who owes what for the taxi

  2. The British billion was always a million million.
    Until 1974/5 when Dennis Healy switched us to the 1,000 million is a billion.
    The old British billion is now the trillion (as featured in Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy 🙂 )

    You are showing your age! 🙂

  3. if I had a billion USD and traveled to the U.K. its worth half a Billion. Will you please punch your friend for me and remind them we are very poorly edumacated here in the states!!!!! 1USD=1.9843GBP

  4. Yes indeed. I think it might have been last Thursday (but I could be wrong). There was a bit about youtube and the Brits that have had the most views or something. Bryony / Paperlillies got a mentioned as did geriatric whatever the number is.


  5. I have been saying you are amazing, fantastic and brillant for some time now….. nobody must read my comments!!! Therefore, I can say whatever I want with no chance of repercussions!

    I am a green maritian!!!

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