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Yarra River Fishing Melbourne | Bream Fishing Tips For Beginners

Yarra River Fishing Melbourne | Bream Fishing Tips For Beginners

Yarra River Fishing running through simple bream fishing tips fishing using worms as bait. These simple but effective bait techniques for beginners. This video walk you through the process of catching bream using simple baits and simple fishing techniques. No fancy gear just simple and very effective. Its a great video for those looking to do some land based fishing with their kids over the school holiday. bream fishing Melbourne. We demonstrate this by fishing for bream at the Warmies and under West Gate bridge in Port Melbourne. Fishing West Gate Bridge. Fishing Warmies Fishing Hotties near the Newport power station.

Enjoy the video and make sure you subscribe to the channel. You can Follow Alan’s awesome fishing adventures by kayak, boat, land & jet ski. As he uses both lures & bait to catch local saltwater, freshwater, and estuary fish species. The channel is fun, relatable, and features world class fishing action and tips.

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25 Responses

  1. Another great fishing Channel from Melbourne. Loving it

  2. Sabbir Alam says:

    hey mate where did you get that chair?

  3. Would it be safe to eat the fish caught there?

  4. Evan says:

    What is the location?

  5. easeinbox says:

    I really like your channel – others are more and more just a product advertisement. What else might you get here with the same rig? Trevally (maybe change to a patt)? Eel? Mullet? Pinkies? I really dont know. What other bi-catch might you get here? Thanks a lot!

  6. ZappyTube says:

    You made that look super easy

  7. Afl Stuff says:

    Can you give me the location address please

  8. Darren Adams says:

    Beautiful big bream mate. I live very close to the Warmies and lower Yarra/Maribyrnong rivers and because I have a boat, I never try to fish these areas. Ironically, I always used to before I bought a boat 18 years ago. I will be from now on.

  9. Why do people call the lower Yarra the Warmies ? The only Warmies is the hot water outlet from the Newport power station which is located next to the western bank of the Yarra mouth. The Warmies is a separate body of water lined with rock walls on each side with a boat ramp approximately 300m down stream of the hot water outlet.

  10. Woo C says:

    Hi Alan how do you find the savage gear mpp2 rod? Thinking of getting the 7f2 3-5kg version for bait fishing.

  11. Great video keep it up check out my Chanel as well

  12. Would you eat anything from the Yarra?

  13. Hey alan was this on the warmies side of the river or the webb dock side

  14. NISSAN GT-R says:

    Do plastic grubz like the 2.5 inch grubZ work there?

  15. NISSAN GT-R says:

    Hi, what tide should I go and fish there? Is midday okay?

  16. Van Thomas says:

    Hey man what fish would be at Werribee south at 12:30 today while the tide is changing

  17. Dom Tam says:

    Do bream bite on cheese

  18. Michael King says:

    i live in hoppers crossing and i normally go round werribee south and altona

  19. Michael King says:

    do you know any good landbased places to go flick some soft plastics around because i want to test my new sienna combo

  20. Marty. says:

    Hi Alan great vid mate, just wondering where did you get the fishing chair from?? I've been looking for one with rod holders for ages.

  21. Simeon says:

    I might have to come to the Warmies next week.

  22. Michael King says:

    where would you get them from

  23. Hey Alan can u do a video like this at the Bolte Bridge?

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